Collaboration Wall
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Collaboration Wall is a place where delegates can arrange to meet others to discuss opportunities for collaboration. It’s open to everyone from all levels and areas of work to do with Big Data and Data Linkage: research, analysis, methodological developments, technical work, information governance, public engagement, management, communications, capacity building, measuring impact, and more.

Rationale and IPDLN role

Although we see many people at conferences, we may not always have the opportunity to find out enough information about each other’s areas of expertise for building collaborations. The recent IPDLN survey showed that members are keen to increase collaborative opportunities both regionally and internationally, and that the IPDLN could take a more active role in facilitating cross country collaborations. The majority (over 50%) of respondents (N=68) felt that resource sharing/ best practice, knowledge exchange and facilitating collaborations were very important, with less than 10% considering these points not to be important. Collaboration Wall is a way for the IPDLN to promote increased collaborative working.

How does it work?

Delegates at the conference will be able to post the following information on an electronic white board, and to return at convenient times to view the board periodically:

  • Interest/skill areas
  • Expertise being sought
  • Name
  • Organisation
  • Email address
  • Other details (optional)
  • Availability to meet during the conference
  • Responses to other delegates’ posts

Getting started

Anyone planning to attend the conference is welcome to send their details (as above) in advance of the meeting so that they can be used to pre-populate the Collaboration Wall on the first day.


Everyone is welcome to provide feedback on Collaboration Wall:

  • Should it be available as a standing item on the IPDLN website?
  • How can it be improved?
  • To let us know if it led to contact with a potential collaborator


Kerina Jones: